Bruneburg - About


I am Anita Bruneburg, an animation student at the Filmuniversity in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany.

I focus on handdrawn digital 2D animation. My visual language spans a range of different styles and moods. Some works can be simple, cartoony and joyful. Others serious, more grounded. Or surreal and vaguely unsettling. Some are inbetween!

I am currently working on my Bachelor graduation film, aiming to follow up with a Masters degree in Animation direction. The end of my studies are scheduled for 2023.

The Bachelor film I'm working on right now aswell as the Master film ahead are part of the same project - a multipart storyworld project I hope to expand way beyond my study years.

That project currently goes under the working titles "Riesenlied" or "Inhuman". It is a story about humans, giants, and the cultures they live in; about cruelty, warmth and growth.